Solar Juice would love to help you make the most of  the sun's amazing energy!!
 For a free quote on the installation of solar geyser(s) and/or swimming pool heating, kindly contact Solar Juice at:
 Eskom announcement # 1: High Pressure geyser systems
1 October 2012: Implementation of a higher Eskom rebate for locally produced solar geyser systems (please find more information at our rebate programme page).
Eskom announcement # 2: Low Pressure geyser systems

Eskom announced that the rebate for low pressure solar geyser systems (applicable for low cost housing and farmworker houses) will come to an end soon (tentative date is 31 Dec. 2012).

(please find more information at our rebate programme page).


New Building Regulations (for new buildings) – with effect from 10 November 2011
XA2 At least 50% (volume fraction) of the annual average hot water heating requirement shall be provided by means other than electrical resistance heating including but not limited to solar heating, heat pumps, heat recovery from other systems or processes and renewable combustible fuel.
Extract from Government Gazette: 9 September 2011

Are you thinking of saving energy, reducing your carbon footprint...?
Thinking green...sustainable living... 
You can start by switching off unnecessary lights and replacing ordinary
bulbs with energy saving or LED lights!
Save almost 50% of electricity usage by installing:
 a solar panel to heat your geyser water; use energy/water saving shower heads
 and reduce your carbon footprint
We can convert your existing geyser to solar or
 replace your old geyser with a solar geyser.
Use sun (solar) collectors to heat up your geyser(s)
 and swimming pool water.

We don't need to use less ENERGY, we just need to use less FUEL.

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